Eyes on Wildlife Trail

Location: Cooper's Creek WMA, Suches - Just past the campground - Easy Hike


img_7413The trail begins across the dirt road from the day use parking area for fishermen and hikers in the Cooper Creek Scenic Area. After entering the forest at a hikers sign the trail crosses a bridge without handrails over Tom Jones Creek before coming to a stone marker designating the trail, which was built in 1993. People normally hike this green-blazed trail clockwise, so take the trail to the left after the sign.

After crossing a small steam the trail ascends moderately, at times following what appeared to be an old logging road. Portions of this path seem to be old-growth forest, img_7323which is easily distinguished from the North Georgia norm of second-growth trees because of the intense lumber operations that stripped the land earlier this century. Beautiful hemlock and white pine in this area.

After climbing about 200 feet turn right when the trail ‘T’s at a second road. This level, easy section follows the curve of Rocky Mountain and it is fairly easy to see wildlife. The trail continues around the mountain with good views. At 0.9 miles double green blazes on the right indicates a turn, and a short distance later the roadbed straight ahead is blocked by forest debris. At the turn the path enters the forest quickly joining an old logging road. Just past the 1.0 mile mark the Eyes on Wildlife Trail makes a hard left turn (again designated with a brown sign) off the old logging img_7391road and drops abruptly but easily. Continue down to the start of the loop.

Note from the Solivagant:  I’d probably only do this hike if I were in the area already, maybe camping down there or something. It’s wasn’t my favorite hike.  I need to give it another try and see what I come up with – seems like there are old growth trees in there to discover, I’ll keep you updated.


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