Stanley Creek Trail

Location: Gilmer/Fannin County Line - Access from Blue Ridge or Cherry Log GA - Rock Creek Road/Stanley Creek Road

Located really close to the Aska Trails Parking lot for Stanley Gap on Rock Creek Road/Stanley Creek Road, is a short trail that goes along Stanley Creek.  It can’t be more than a mile in and out.  It follows the bottom of Indian Grave Gap, and for a tiny trail, it sure packs a punch with the Zen.  It’s my go-to spot for a Spiritual moment.

This spot is incredibly beautiful; You get the creek, old growth huge hemlocks that still stand as well as the fallen ancestors that lie on the forest floor and are covered with lush green moss, the Indian trail trees,  the tall trees providing a full canopy from the sky, and a flat, easy hiking trail.   Just park up on the road.  If you are coming from Fall Branch Falls, (Stanley Creek Road)  it will be on your left about 1/4 mile up.  If you are coming from Aska Trails Parking Lot for Stanley Gap trail, it will be on the right about .5 miles.  There are a few wide spots on the road to permit parking.   There are not any signs, but if you go slow, you’ll see it.  

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