Sea Creek Falls

Location: Fannin County, GA - Suches   EASY HIKE
 img_2256Sea Creek Falls is the perfect place to take the kids, or if you just want a tiny walk to a magical setting where you can meditate, journal, picnic … endless suggestions! But it’s really no “hike”, just a mere wander through the trees.

Heading out into the beautiful Copper’s Creek Wildlife Management area in Suches, Fannin County GA you will find Sea Creek Falls.  A very easy, quick hike, suitable for everyone.

Directions: From the Georgia Mountain Parkway (Hwy 515) just past Blue Ridge, take Highway 60 south (toward Morganton). At Cooper Creek Store turn left on Cooper Creek Road (this road is also called Mulky Gap Road). After 3.3 miles the road turns and there are signs there keep going to the right to get to the campground, or turn left on this dirt/gravel road to get to Sea Creek Falls. You will drive 1/4 mile and park. Follow the trail to the woods. It is unnecessary to cross the river.

The trail is tiny and pretty well beaten down. Follow it through the woods along Sea Creek.  There is one section of wild tiny roses in the summer time that is AMAZING! Just Gorgeous, but it does get overgrown in the summer, so this little section gets narrow then- <but this section is only about 25 ft. long>.   There are also two low areas that when it rains a lot, that tend to get muddy, so the people walking out there have created a slight path to the right of each of these spots to keep from having to tromp through the mud.  You start hearing the falls, and just follow the sound. It’s about a 5 minute walk.

The falls are a double cascading waterfall.  During peak times I have seen this waterfall in violent fury, but for the last year or more, it is very low.  But be aware, when we are having the great rains, this one can get huge and flood those low areas pretty good.  The trail can get muddy when we’ve had a lot of rain.

You can hike up slightly to the left when you get to the waterfall and look down on the falls. I don’t recommend this for anyone with balance issues. It’s high up, very rooty, rocky and narrow.   The view is cool though, so if you are steady on your feet, go up there for a look.  Hold onto things and DO NOT get near the edge.   My favorite thing about Sea Creek falls is the shallow areas to play.  It even has a big deep hole right at the base of the waterfall that you can take a great dip in the summertime.   I also take my two granddaughters out here – they love it.   




Another Solivagant Tip:  I have never been out here in the spring/summer when this place wasn’t literally infested with butterflies.  It is unreal!  There are always flying beauties out here. You will be amazed.  To me, pure magic. 


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