Long Creek Falls

Location: Fannin/Gilmer County Lines, Three Forks, Chattahoochee National Forest - Moderate hike

Long Creek Falls is an awesome hike when you don’t want to be on the trail all day.  It’s easy to get to, with the exception of the last 5.5 miles on the FS Road 58. This road feels long, and can have areas that you really have to go slow for.  But for the most part the road is in pretty good shape. My tiny car always handles it fine.  It is a popular trail so there is always traffic in this area.

It’s a two mile loop.  One mile out to the falls.  One mile back. It is a flat trail for the most part, but there are three incline areas that can definitely make me slow down.   Going back out is a snap, no uphill anywhere.   The trail is part of the AT and the BMT so it is kept up nicely.   You hike along a creek for a great part of this hike, hugging a ridge above it until you break off at the Long Creek Falls to the left as the BMT and AT turn right.  

There are huge rocks here that make this a great place to hang out.  The last time I went a young couple was getting engaged.   The Waterfall is a great sheet of water that feels powerful.  The rocks are everywhere and add so much to the beauty of this waterfall.  It’s an old Cherokee area here, so it you are quiet, and mindful, you hear them in the wind.

I love this hike in Winter when it snows.  The whole forest out here has the tendency to mist a lot.  I always head out here when we have fog. It’s like the Mists of Avalon, for whatever reason the fog stays low and the mist stays where you walk, making you feel like you have entered paradise.  It’s happened several times for me, so I am talking from experience.  It’s absolutely breathtaking.   It’s also a hike that is okay in the rain. The canopy is so thick you rarely get wet, and you increase that mist/fog encounter.  Just an FYI.  It changes me every time I go out here.

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