Helton Creek Falls

This really doesn’t qualify as a “true” hike really.  Fabulous north Georgia waterfall, yes!  Hike, no.   I went prepared for a walk to get to it, but found after driving through two creeks on a well-packed Forest Service road out to Helton Creek Falls in Blairsville, GA, there was ample parking, and you could see the falls from the road without even having to leave your vehicle.   No fun! I like to hike and feel like I have been rewarded with some great gift of a magnificent waterfall after all my hard work 😉  But I’ll take the occasional Freebie.   This is one of them.

Off to the right from the parking area was a trail that was about 1/8 mile long to the base of the falls where they have a nice viewing platform, making it easy to see the falls and keeping kids safe from the rocks and the dangerous water hydraulics that exist with waterfalls.  We went on a winter day with a yummy picnic.  We found a great big tree stump that made a perfect table, and we ate our lunch and wandered around the various points to get to the water.  I always loving seeing the girls faces when they see the waterfalls we go out to.  They are so powerful.


I consider this an EASY hike, Great for little kids who don’t want a long walk, or if you are in rush to get onto the next spot.  You can get some great photos here.

So for families looking for wilderness, forest, waterfalls without a whole lot of work, this is the place !

A Map to the area :

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