About Me


Two perfect words that fit together to describe who I am.

It's important for me to introduce who I am because my writing will be coming from this perspective. I am a wanderer. When I am not at work, I am exploring somewhere. I am driven to travel, explore...  I am not a young, fit hiker rearing to do a thru trail or accomplish huge things on the trail, beyond trying to be more active in my life, and being in the woods helps me be a grounded & happier person, and keeps me out of the crowds.  

I am a hiker. I am an introvert. I am a geek.  I say these with pride, as I enter half-a-century.   I am considered "middle-aged" by the charts, and "overweight" also by the charts. (Thank you sugar-addiction and desk job) . I am an avid hiker.  ( I consider myself the slowest hiker on the planet.  My fitbit has actually confirmed this, so there is proof. )  I certainly try, but I have yet to get to the point where I am not stopping for breathing breaks, or not busting into a hot flash on the trail.

My purpose for writing is to reach the people who long to get out in the woods but may question their ability.  I always question my ability,  and usually deal with fear on some level.  I won't hold back on telling you all this stuff because I hope it inspires more women to #optoutside and get more active.

img_4432This past summer I lost my hiking partner, Grace O'Malley. My Black Lab companion of 13 years, who gave me the sense that I wasn't alone on the trails, even though I am a solo hiker for the most part.  Since her death, I have joined a couple hiking groups and have gathered a few friends who like to get in the woods, and I am trying to incorporate PEOPLE into my hikes.   But honestly, I have hiked for years alone.  I love the solitude, the quiet, the time with my own soul without conversation.  I will address what I do to combat fear around hiking alone as well as the things I do "to be smart" as a single woman alone out here in the world.

I live in the North Georgia Mountains and typically seek out day trips that I can do without an overnight.  I hope you enjoy my hikes, and I welcome your questions, comments or anything to help you get out there.