Embrace the Coddiwompler in YOU.  Get outside. Take a walk

The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness

Sometimes, you just want to wander.  I get this.  Reconnecting in nature helps me keep a grounded outlook, and simply makes me a happier person.  This matters.  I'm happy to share some coddiwompling with you! Now, grab your packs, definitely some snacks, some trekking poles and join me on the trail!

MAPS and Directions to help you

We have linked an interactive Google Map into each trail post making getting there, easy.  Click, open and save in your Google Maps smartphone application, and get outside!

We also give written directions or links to maps and directions from area sources.

We welcome your experiences, comments, questions

Been on some of the same trails?  We would love to hear your stories, so please share in the comments. We also welcome any questions!

A Solivagant Coddiwompler Here...

Wandering alone, and writing about it.

It's a different experience all together when you are exploring alone,  then when you are with others.  Sometimes, when your choice is to live a fairly solo lifestyle, you don't always enjoy mainstream suggestions for places to go and how to spend your time.

Spiritual, deep thinkers have learned how important reconnecting with the planet is; making a commitment to your calendar to get outside should be taken as seriously as a work schedule.  This is about LIFE and our Spirit.  Making sure we stay clear, so we can be Strong, Healthy, Informed, Grounded, Emotionally Stable, Nourished, Nurtured...

With this perspective leading the way, I'll share my coddiwompling with you.


Now is the Time

North Georgia has some of the most beautiful spots to explore.  In the years coddiwompling around this area,  I have found some incredible spots.  Look at some of the hikes and start making a plan to get outside!