Hiking with Gaoth

First off, let’s get the pronouncing correct: GAOTH (PR: GWEE) Here, Listen.

So, that’s me. I’m . Gaoth, meaning Wind. 


My daughter wasn’t keen on me being called Grandma, and I wasn’t keen on any of the other popular choices, so I was given permission to pick my own word for the future generations to address me.  I went with “Gaoth”, because Wind is my ultimate favorite, and I’m Irish.  So there you have it.  Just that simple.

When my granddaughter was about 4, we were at the beach swimming. She always makes friends so easily, like her mom did.  She wrangled this little boy to play with her and goes “This is my Gaoth”. He replies, “What’s a Gaoth?”. She starts laughing and splashes him. But I realized, she didn’t know how to answer him.   Later in the car I asked her if she knew I was her grandmother and she said, you are not! You are my Gaoth. So she had no idea either. Funny Truth. Now she does.

Working at the State welcome center, I  have had the pleasure of meeting other grandmothers traveling with their grandchildren. One woman and her husband take a grandchild child for a week separately so they can really bond with that child. This settles possible age squabbles, and allows you to be more present with the child, and get to know them, really carving out a relationship based on commonalities and real relating. I have two beautiful granddaughters, I was excited about this immediately. I see Big Sis have to take a back seat to cutie little sis and I thought this could be really fun for us both.  Loved the idea. I’ll do something special with them both as age permits.

So I bought a journal for her, and for me, and I planned 12 hikes (one per month) with all the details. I copied the trail map, included all the information, and put together our journals. This gives us a place to scrapbook and make funny notes about our trips.

I bought her hiking poles, a water backpack & bladder and a book on hiking. She loves the outdoors and always has so much fun when I take her to the woods. My oldest granddaughter is 9 years old. We will be finishing our 12th hike (one year) on her 10th birthday, and she will be doing a ten mile hike to celebrate. One mile for every year. 5 in and 5 out. I will take her to the Hike Inn, at Amicalola State Park and we will celebrate her achievements and her birthday. So looking forward to this with her!

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